Tonight, President Donald Trump and Don Trump Jr. were delivered a Grazing the Surface Card- in Hand.

Donald Trump Jr. Holding a Grazing the Surface Business Card

Let’s hope they see this website, and reaffirm the globalist takeover here in New Hampshire, starting with Governor Chris Sununu attending the World Government Summit with Dean Kamen to discuss One World Government, including Smart Cities, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Agenda 2030, Global Governance & More.

Sununu Kamen World Government Summit NWO

Let them see how Sununu helped the Department of Defense HIJACK the University System of New Hampshire to funnel college graduates into government contracts partnered with BIll Gates.

Let them see how Sununu’s brother has a history with the World Economic Forum, how Nikki Haley also has a lengthly history with the World Economic forum and how these government traitors have infiltrated our state, selling out New Hampshire’s soverignty.

Let them see how Bill Gates is a Global Partner of the CDC, how Blackrock’s CEO is on the Board of Trustees for the World Economic Forum and how the United Nations is partnered with the World Economic Forum which is partnered with Bill Gates.

Let them see how Dean Kamen’s name is in Epstein’s flight logs, how Ghislaine Maxwell was front & center at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding and how Dean Kamen and Maureen Toohey are housing and connected to the business of Nadia Marcinko, Epstein’s Sex Slave. Let them wonder why Ghislaine was found in New Hampshire.

Let them see how Ghislaine Maxwell’s sister Christine Maxwell created the Chiliad NSA database software distributed via HP servers under Bush one week after 9/11, and how Ghislaine’s other sister Isabel Maxwell is the Technology Pioneer of the World Economic Forum. (More info)

Let them learn about Peter Daszak and Eco Health Alliance that was funded by the NIH to create the Wuhan Flu, or that Harvard’s nanotechnologist Charles Leiber who created hydrogel, injectible mesh electronics, set up the Wuhan lab and facilitated the Chinese Thousand Talents plan was funded by the DARPA, BARDA, the US Navy & MITRE.

Let them see it all. The best is yet to come.

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