Bill Gates Receiving a Medal from President Obama

‘Those who control the schools control the future’

Bill Gates funded Common Core[1]. Are his goals public education? Or public indoctrination? In his 2003 paper, “Hyperagency and High-Tech Donors: A New Theory of the New Philanthropists”, Paul Schervish of the Social Welfare Research Institute at Boston College, asserts that the new super-rich comprise a class of “hyperagents” who possess “an array of dispositions … Read more

New England Association of Schools

Northwood, NH Elementary: Sex Ed & Gender IDs

Can anyone explain why Northwood school refers to this document as a guide for education? Listed right in their ‘Wellness’ policy which refers to the CDC Health Index as a source of policy and practice implementation for their students: This is the CDC Health Index LISTED FOR ELEMENTARY STUDENTS. By the Way, Jocelyn … Read more