Below is a screenshot from the agenda signed by Sununu himself:

This agenda not only mentions Disease X, but also Smart Cities, Agenda 2030, Fourth Industrial Revolution, Global Governance and more.

Here’s a link to the full Agenda signed by Sununu so you can see for yourself: [Alt Link]

..This is the same World Government Summit
that asks if we are ready for a New World Order:

Although it’s been over 5 years since Disease X appeared on the 2019 World Government Summit’s One World Agenda, it recently hit multiple media outlets as a World Economic Forum (WEF) ‘exercise’ facilitated by globalist founder Klaus Schwab and the crooked and unelected gloablist WHO, the World Health Organization.
(The link above works. The WEF crosses out all of it’s shared links, but you can click it and it is there)

The Sununu’s are no stranger to the World Economic Forum. Aside from the obvious here, don’t forget that Chris Sununu’s brother John chaired a financial governance role within the World Economic Forum.


Even the EcoHealth Alliance is talking about their research on ‘Disease X.’

Remember them?

EcoHealth Alliance was run by Peter Daszak and partnered with Anthony Fauci and the NIH on their ‘Gain of Function Research’ that ultimately led to Covid-19 by growing bat coronavirus in human fibroblast (lung) cells in a lab under the direction of President Obama.

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