Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested at her secluded New Hampshire estate, with links to Granite Realty LLC. Maxwell is not the only woman linked to Epstein’s sexual abuse of underage girls who has started over in New Hampshire however.

Nadia Marcinko, known as Epstein’s celebrity pilot “Global Girl,” reinvented herself in Manchester, home of Dean Kamen’s technology company DEKA Research. Marcinko, who Epstein allegedly abused and trafficked as a young girl herself, fled with him to his private island to avoid FBI questioning in 2007. After Epstein’s brief incarceration, Marcinko and others involved were granted immunity (alt link) from prosecution.

Epstein, Marcinko, Kamen & Toohey

In 2008 and 2009, Epstein was incarcerated for the first time for having sex with underage girls in Palm Beach, Florida. Marcinko, who resided with Epstein and was accused by victims of partaking in some of the sexual assaults, spent Epstein’s jail time visiting him and learning to fly. She obtained her pilot’s license and became a certified flight instructor. Two years later, she was co-piloting Epstein’s private business jets. Marcinko discussed this in an interview posted on the website of First, a STEM education organization founded by the pilot and prolific inventor Kamen.

In 2014, Marcinko applied to incorporate her “aviation sales, marketing, and consulting firm” business Aviloop LLC in New Hampshire, listing Dean Kamen’s DEKA’s 340 Commercial St. address in Manchester as the company’s address, according to a corporate filing with the New Hampshire Secretary of State.

For her personal residence, Marcinko used a Kidder Street address in Manchester owned by Dean Kamen’s ‘girlfriend’ Maureen Toohey, a lawyer who previously served as DEKA’s general counsel and now works as deputy executive director for ARMI.

Aviloop marketing videos feature provocative young girls dressed as flight attendants promising ‘more girls like them’.

More on Maureen Toohey

Toohey was photographed stuffing wads of cash in her pocket at the New Hampshire soverignty uproar that brought New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu under fire with New Hampshire citizens, and eventually led to the unfounded arrest of 9 peaceful protestors at the Executive Council Meeting held at the New Hampshire State Police Academy.

Dean Kamen on Epstein’s flight logs

It’s no surprise that Dean Kamen’s name was discovered (page 99) on Epstein’s flight logs which were released in the USA v Ghislaine Maxwell Case.

It really paints a full picture about the 2019 Trip New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu took to the World Government Summit with Dean Kamen where they discussed One World Government without your consent.

With all of these connections in plain sight, one might ask why Chris Sununu is still on New Hampshire taxpayer’s payroll and why authorities are not investigating Dean Kamen. Then again, we should already see many high level figures in prison for their direct involvement with Jeffrey Epstein. Who is (still) covering up for whom? And why?


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