Disease X, an agenda item at the World Government Summit 2019 attended by Governor Chris Sununu and Dean Kamen

Sununu & WEF’s ‘Disease X’

… Does Governor Chris Sununu want to tell us about ‘Disease X,’ which was listed on the World Government Summit 2019’s agenda he attended with Dean Kamen? Below is a screenshot from the agenda signed by Sununu himself: This agenda not only mentions Disease X, but also Smart Cities, Agenda 2030, Fourth Industrial Revolution, Global …

President Donald Trump and Don Trump Jr were both delivered a Grazingthesurface.com card in Hand at the New Hampshire rally in 2024

Trump NOW has Grazing The Surface Info

Tonight, President Donald Trump and Don Trump Jr. were delivered a Grazing the Surface Card- in Hand. Let’s hope they see this website, and reaffirm the globalist takeover here in New Hampshire, starting with Governor Chris Sununu attending the World Government Summit with Dean Kamen to discuss One World Government, including Smart Cities, the Fourth …

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Map #104: Sununu & Family: How deep does the swamp go?

Former US Senator and brother of NH Governor Sununu was chair of the Financial Governance Working Group for the World Economic Forum. Source: https://www.leadingauthorities.com/speakers/john-sununu A screenshot below: Does Governor Chris Sununu want to tell us why the Sununu family is connected to the World Economic Forum? World Economic Forum is a Strategic Partner of the …

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Covid vaccines and your neural network

Dr. Ricardo Delgado: Graphene oxide can map our brain, and “collect information such as memories, local thoughts, sensations, emotions, or feelings.”

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Governor Sununu and Dean Kamen partner on ARMI’s Department of Defense Contract

Governor Sununu and Dean Kamen partner on ARMI’s Department of Defense Contract The University System of New Hampshire has been consumed by the government and the Department of Defense set up with Dean Kamen’s program ARMI where they funnel NH graduates into pharma & tech in private companies, like Lonza.Lonza is partnered with Moderna and …

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Read this NH / A2030 Truth BOMB

If you want to dive deep into understanding the corruption in New Hampshire related to Covid-19 and Agenda 2030, the following blog post is for you. This collection of information is in response to a screenshot of Fox Business News reporting that, “CDC Advisory Panel Recommends Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines over Johnson & Johnson”: The …

Say Goodbye to Personal Vehicles

Are you ready to give up your beloved daily driver to Agenda 2030? That’s just what they are talking about in this clip from earlier this week. Have a look: If you fill up your tank with gas, you may find your options fizzling out soon and being forced into buying a new vehicle under …