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Map #104: Sununu & Family: How deep does the swamp go?

Former US Senator and brother of NH Governor Sununu was chair of the Financial Governance Working Group for the World Economic Forum. Source: A screenshot below: Does Governor Chris Sununu want to tell us why the Sununu family is connected to the World Economic Forum? World Economic Forum is a Strategic Partner of the … Read more

Stealing Elections in New Hampshire

Remember my post about the hijacking of the University System of NH and Dartmouth’s & Sununu’s involvement? Our educational systems are fueling a fire against the people & the head honchos are all linking up- including to the New Hampshire voting law. Read below to learn how New Hampshire’s Voter ID Law (NH 659:13) includes … Read more

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Klaus Schwab partners with the World Government Summit

One week ago, Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum, aka “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy“, flexes his strategic partnership with the World Government Summit while touting global governance. This is the same World Government Summit NH Governor Chris Sununu attended in 2019 with Dean Kamen while they discussed One World Government without … Read more

Bill Gates working with IBM

How is Sununu in the Holocaust circle?

The first thing Hitler wanted to know was exactly how many Jews resided in Germany. IBM hired thousands to execute a door-to-door racial census. Once Hitler had the names and locations of Germany’s Jews, IBM created systems to tabulate that data against professional and employment databases as well as financial institutions to help Germany systematically pauperize … Read more

Was NH distributing Russian Vodka in it’s Own State Liquor Campaign?

That executive order can be found here. This is not the first time that Russian liquor has made political headlines. Back in 2014, while then NH Governor Maggie Hassan was parading around in her state liquor campaign, many New Hampshire residents were fuming over Hassan’s promotion. The ‘special edition Vodka’ was distributed in custom bottles … Read more

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Governor Sununu and Dean Kamen partner on ARMI’s Department of Defense Contract

Governor Sununu and Dean Kamen partner on ARMI’s Department of Defense Contract The University System of New Hampshire has been consumed by the government and the Department of Defense set up with Dean Kamen’s program ARMI where they funnel NH graduates into pharma & tech in private companies, like Lonza.Lonza is partnered with Moderna and … Read more

Dirty Deals with Dean Kamen and China sununu dod

Is Sununu Embezzling Money with his Friends?

How do we know how much Kamen personally profited off that China PPE that Governor Sununu unlawfully purchased last year? Let us see the purchase orders, invoices and receipts. These are your taxpayer dollars people and Sununu was not Authorized to Spend them. Dean Kamen helped facilitate an unlawful transcation by Governor Sununu to have … Read more

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One World Government

(without your consent) NH Governor Sununu and Dean Kamen enjoy an all day retreat at the desert camp of Dubai’s crown prince Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum while discussing Agenda 2030, Smart Cities & the Fourth Industrial Revolution. World Government Summit Paid for Sununu’s Dubai Trip in February 2019 ($9,000) Agenda signed by Sununu: … Read more