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Agenda 2030

β€œTo sin by silence, when we should protest,
Makes cowards out of men”

Bill Gates with WHO Director Tedros
Obama and Fauci leading the Gain of Function Research

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  1. Read the Overview. This will give you an more in-depth context of what’s happening without having to sift through data.

  2. Read about how New Hampshire Laws are Violating your Constitutional Rights and leaving a huge portal for the Federal Government to come in and dictate many things against your rights and consent.

  3. Check out the Map of Connections. This is a perfect way to see and visualize the corrupted connections between high profile people and programs. With this map, you’ll be able to pick and choose which connection you want to learn about, at your own pace.

  4. Access the Links & Text Page. This is where you will find a compilation of all of the data and links used in the ‘Map of Connections’. When a conversation comes up in email or social media, or on a message board, go to this page. You can quickly search anything in that page by typing CTRL+F and typing in your search term. Then copy and paste the information and USE IT, Share it, spread it around and help educate others.

  5. Consider the Solution. There is power in numbers. United we stand. We must stick together, learn together and grow together.

As an added bonus, I have also included for your viewing, learning and sharing pleasure

  • A handpicked collection of Must-see Videos,

  • A blog area that you’ll love. (This is where I will keep new and updated blogs concerning Agenda 2030 related to New Hampshire & Beyond),

  • A Headlines page to keep an archive of some of the crazy (and contradicting) news related to information in this site,

  • A Patriots page, to build an archive of recent patriot efforts across the Granite State and beyond.. to remind you, that you have allies & we all want the same thing- Freedom

  • and a Documents section that includes dozens of cited publications related to Agenda 2030, the Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


  • Goals for this site are to simplify the Map of Connections over time while expanding research information. Sections will be built out and formatted to promote intuitive use.

  • Blogs will be a great way to encompass and elaborate on specific topics. This site will become a growing database of resources.

  • There are other sections in the works for this web site, but they haven’t been released, purely for the reasons that there hasn’t been enough production time to present them to you– yet. πŸ™‚

This web site is being set up as a growing database of information. Please use it as a resource and feel free to copy and paste anything from this site to anywhere you like. Together, we can help empower others and move toward a growing solution.