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Covid vaccines and your neural network

Dr. Ricardo Delgado: Graphene oxide can map our brain, and “collect information such as memories, local thoughts, sensations, emotions, or feelings.”

WEF Partners with UN

Great Reset Partners with Agenda 2030

In case you didn’t know… The World Economic Forum (aka Great Reset, aka Klaus Schwab and pals who say you will own nothing and you will be happy, aka the organization that has Bill Gates listed as Strategic Partner) is partnered with the United Nations Agenda 2030. … nothing to see here folks

4ir in a handbasket

Agenda 2030 / 4IR in a Handbasket

If this doesn’t scream Agenda 2030/4IR in a Handbasket… Vatican Meet: FDA, Moderna, Pfizer, George Church, Dean Kamen, Salesforce, Bloomberg, John Hopkins, Clinton Foundation, Francis Collins NIH, Harvard, Google, Cellularity, CDC, AARP, CRISPR Gene Editing , Stanford, Microsoft etc etc… During this meeting, they discussed ‘faith, love and science’ and their ‘global health care …

Charles Lieber nanotechnology

Maybe Charles Lieber plays more roles than just hydrogel nanotechnology used in Covid jabs (alt link) Leiber was Sponsored by DARPA, NIH & Others. Screenshots direct from his Lieber’s Harvard Lab: Check out these recent Charles Lieber Publications: “Nanowire probes could drive high-resolution brain-machine interfaces,” DOI: 10.1016/J.NANTOD.2019.100821, 9 DEC 2019. READ MORE “Highly transparent contacts …

Gates Quote Gene Editing Edge Master Class 2008

Humans 2.0 and Edge Master Classes

Edge Master Classes.. where the parasite class would get together and talk about how to become the ‘Masters’ of the Universe. Seriously. See for yourself. Jeffrey Epstein and Dean Kamen have both frequented these meetings, among many other names. In the one class I’d like to highlight today, facilitated by George Church & Craig Venter, …