Maybe Charles Lieber plays more roles than just hydrogel nanotechnology used in Covid jabs (alt link)

Leiber was Sponsored by DARPA, NIH & Others. Screenshots direct from his Lieber’s Harvard Lab:

Check out these recent Charles Lieber Publications:

“Nanowire probes could drive high-resolution brain-machine interfaces,” DOI: 10.1016/J.NANTOD.2019.100821, 9 DEC 2019. READ MORE

“Highly transparent contacts to the 1D hole gas in ultrascaled Ge/Si core/shell nanowires,” (2019). READ MORE

“Single-cell profiles of retinal ganglion cells differing in resilience to injury reveal neuroprotective genes,”NEURON 86, 21-24 (2019). READ MORE

“Precision electronic medicine in the brain,”NAT. BIOTECHNOL. 37, 1007–1012 (2019). READ MORE

“Nano-enabled direct contact interfacing of syringe-injectable mesh electronics, “NANO LETT. 19, 5818−5826 (2019). READ MORE

“Scalable ultrasmall three-dimensional nanowire transistor probes for intracellular recording,”NAT. NANOTECHNOL. 14, 783-790 (2019). READ MORE

“Advanced one- and two-dimensional mesh designs for injectable electronics,”NANO LETT. 19, 4180-4187 (2019). READ MORE

“Nanowired bioelectric interfaces,”CHEM. REV. 119, 9136−9152 (2019). READ MORE

“Novel electrode technologies for neural recordings,”NAT. REV. NEUROSCI. 20, 330-345 (2019). READ MORE

“Bioinspired neuron-like electronics,”NAT. MATER. 18, 510-517 (2019). READ MORE

“Gate tunable hole charge qubit formed in a Ge/Si nanowire double quantum dot coupled to microwave photons,” NANO LETT. 19, 1052-1060 (2019). READ MORE

Is it possible that Lieber’s technology could play a major role in several World Government Summit projects as well?:

Here are some of the eerily parallel technologies that could become a reality with technology from someone like Lieber:

Crazy, right?

Now have a look at these DARPA funded videos: (alt link) (alt link)

This technology is a threat to humanity. They’ll promote it under the guise of advancing medical technology.

These are DARPA projects from 2 years ago that use biosensors and i/o technology just like Charles Lieber’s to track your biological data. Some can read and write. These projects run parallel to the studies Leiber was using with his hydrogel signal recording and i/o studies.

Harvard Charles Lieber and China pals create nanotechnology ‘brain probe’ 2.0′ Direct electrical recording and stimulation of neural activity’ with ‘long-term biocompatibility’ (alt link)

Lieber was the implant nano-technologist from Harvard who was busted and charged with working with Chinese officials earlier this year on an unauthorized project, just weeks after the first surface of Coronavirus. Remember? Specializing in the area of nanoscience, Harvard’s Lieber Research Group received more than $15,000,000 in grant funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Department of Defense (DOD).Leiber’s Harvard lab was also funded by DARPA, the Airforce, Navy, and MITRE. (alt link)

DARPA was the organization that was funding Charles Lieber under his Harvard nanotechnogloy lab.

I have not come across a public statement from DARPA, but NIH, who was also on the Sponsor list claim they didn’t know that Lieber was working with China and didn’t have knowledge of the Thousand Talents plan.

DARPA is part of the Department of Defense. Department of Defense has hired Dean Kamen directly to fulfill their contracts of vaccine manufacturing in Portsmouth via our University graduates.

Do we or did we really know what we’re getting ourselves into?
Dean Kamen and Governor Sununu are VERY aware. The people of New Hampshire- not so much.

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