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NH College Systems hijacked by the DOD

The University System of New Hampshire has been consumed by the government and the Department of Defense set up with Dean Kamen’s program ARMI where they funnel NH graduates into pharma & tech in private companies, like Lonza. Lonza is partnered with Moderna and has BILL GATES as a strategic collaborator. Gates also funds the …

Self-Spreading Vaccines

I was trying to post supporting information on a screenshot from a John Hopkins document on self-spreading vaccines and was instantly denied by Facebook. Here is the link (Facebook doesn’t want you to see) to the publication where you can learn more about self-spreading vaccines: More screenshots from the publication above:

armi biofab ribbon cutting

Read this NH / A2030 Truth BOMB

If you want to dive deep into understanding the corruption in New Hampshire related to Covid-19 and Agenda 2030, the following blog post is for you. This collection of information is in response to a screenshot of Fox Business News reporting that, “CDC Advisory Panel Recommends Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines over Johnson & Johnson”: The …

4ir in a handbasket

Agenda 2030 / 4IR in a Handbasket

If this doesn’t scream Agenda 2030/4IR in a Handbasket… Vatican Meet: FDA, Moderna, Pfizer, George Church, Dean Kamen, Salesforce, Bloomberg, John Hopkins, Clinton Foundation, Francis Collins NIH, Harvard, Google, Cellularity, CDC, AARP, CRISPR Gene Editing , Stanford, Microsoft etc etc… During this meeting, they discussed ‘faith, love and science’ and their ‘global health care …