The Most Important Blog You’ll Read This Year

Did you know…
that the NH Governor and his Council are single handedly deciding when to take on more debt for you?

Did you also know that this violates your rights under the New Hampshire State Constitution?

Did you know that the same laws that are covering this up, are also creating a portal for the Federal Government to expand it’s powers in New Hampshire?

This is undoubtedly the most important blog you’ll read this year, because you will quickly learn that our legal system is Unconstitutionally being used against us.

The following New Hampshire laws were enacted in 1933 under Roosevelt as a ‘response’ to the New Deal under the Great Depression to expand social services, but this unadulterated authority cannot be granted through legislation.

Taxation without Representation

Federal debt contracts are being drawn, signed and agreed upon by the Governor, his council and the agents of the Federal Government without your consent. These contracts come with strings attached, and if this unconstitutional law held standing, you are indebted to it.

Have a look at the New Hampshire law excerpts below that violate the New Hampshire Constitution’s Separation of Powers Clause (which was created to protect you from Dictatorship just like this):

  •  124:1 Authority for Seeking Aid. – The governor, with the approval of the council, is authorized to apply for financial or any other aid which the United States government has authorized or may authorize to be given to the several states for emergency industrial or unemployment relief, for public works and highway construction, for the creation of employment agencies, or for any other purpose intended to relieve distress.

    Any officer of the state who may be designated in any act passed by the congress of the United States, or in any regulation or requirement of any agency of the United States, is authorized in the name of the state to make all applications and sign all documents which may be necessary to obtain such aid,

    provided that such applications have the approval of the governor and council. The state treasurer is directed to receive all money so granted by the United States, or by any agency thereof, to the state and to hold all such funds separate from all other funds of the state. Such funds shall be disbursed by the treasurer upon warrants drawn by the governor for the purposes for which such relief or aid is granted.
    Source. 1933, 162:2. RL 6:2.

There is nothing in the Constitution that authorizes the Governor and Executive Council to do anything, except enforce law put forth by the Legislative Branch.

Where in the New Hampshire Constitution does the Legislative Branch give up it’s powers to the Executive Branch? It does not. A law (such as the one above- 124:1) cannot usurp the Constitution and therefore should not exist. It should be repealed immediately.

That same law goes on to say…

2) NH RSA 124:2 Faith and Credit Pledged. – The faith and credit of the state are pledged to make adequate provision, from time to time, by appropriation or otherwise, to meet all obligations of the state incident to the acceptance of federal aid under the provisions of any act referred to in RSA 124:1 and the governor and council are authorized to issue all necessary documentary evidence of such faith and credit.
Source. 1933, 162:3. RL 6:3.

What documentary evidence has the Governor and his Council provided to secure YOUR obligation to money THEY BORROW on your behalf and the federal laws you are Subject to without your consent or that of the people? This was all without the consent of NH State Citizens.

..And how is the New Hampshire Governor and his Council going to dictate federal funding without getting approval by the NH General Court? They can’t. They don’t have the authority to do that, according to Part I Bill of Rights of the NH State Constitution:

[Art.] 37. [Separation of Powers.] In the government of this State, the three essential powers thereof, to wit, the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial, ought to be kept as separate from, and independent of, each other, as the nature of a free government will admit, or as is consistent with that chain of connection that binds the whole fabric of the Constitution in one indissoluble bond of union and amity. June 2, 1784

What Exactly ARE the Constitutional duties of Executive Branch & the General Court?
I will tell you this right now. They ARE NOT THE SAME.

The Executive Branch (aka the Governor and the Executive Council), only has the power to enforce law.

The Legislative Branch (aka the NH General Court) is the only one who has the power to create law, so long as it is not repugnant and contrary to the State’s Constitution.

Outlined in the Constitution excerpts below:


NH Part II: Art.] 41. [Governor, Supreme Executive Magistrate.] “…The governor shall be responsible for the faithful execution of the laws. He may, by appropriate court action or proceeding brought in the name of the state, enforce compliance with any constitutional or legislative mandate, or restrain violation of any constitutional or legislative power, duty, or right, by any officer, department or agency of the state. This authority shall not be construed to authorize any action or proceedings against the legislative or judicial branches.”

Click Here to Read the Entire Part II, Form of Government, from the NH State Constitution: Executive Power – Governor


NH Part II: [Art.] 5. [Power to Make Laws] “And farther, full power and authority are hereby given and granted to the said general court, from time to time, to make, ordain, and establish, all manner of wholesome and reasonable orders, laws, statutes, ordinances, directions, and instructions, either with penalties, or without, so as the same be not repugnant or contrary to this constitution, as they may judge for the benefit and welfare of this state, and for the governing and ordering thereof, and of the subjects of the same, for the necessary support and defense of the government thereof, and to name and settle biennially, or provide by fixed laws for the naming and settling, all civil officers within this state, such officers excepted, the election and appointment of whom are hereafter in this form of government otherwise provided for; and to set forth the several duties, powers, and limits, of the several civil and military officers of this state, and the forms of such oaths or affirmations as shall be respectively administered unto them, for the execution of their several offices and places, so as the same be not repugnant or contrary to this constitution..”
June 2, 1784

The legislature cannot give up the power of the Legislative Branch to the Executive Branch through legislation. It is contrary and repugnant to the Constitution.

But somehow they managed to pass a law that gives additional powers to the Governor and his Council:

NH RSA 124:3 Debt Limitations. – Cities, towns, school districts, precincts, and counties, upon the approval of the commissioner of revenue administration, may make application to the governor and council for authority to exceed existing debt limitations for the purpose of taking advantage of such grants or aid as may be offered them by the United States government. The governor and council may grant to cities, towns, school districts, precincts, and counties authority to exceed existing debt limitations to such extent and in such amounts as they may deem prudent and advisable. In granting such authority the governor and council may prescribe the terms and conditions upon which such debt limitations may be exceeded.
Source. 1933, 162:4. RL 6:4. RSA 124:3. 1973, 544:8, eff. Sept. 1, 1973.

Did you give this full unadulterated power to the Governor and his council to preside over you and make decisions on your behalf on which debts you will incur without your consent?

The Governor and his council are dictating the debts and credits they are receiving from the federal government through this unauthorized law. They are violating your constitutional rights and this is how they are allowing the federal government to come in and create agencies, positions, systems, representatives, debts and more.

For example-

How would you like it if you had to adhere to the ‘Terms and Conditions’ of the 27 million dollar Covid grant the Governor’s Council shut down after mass gatherings of protest (but then then subsequently passed similar funding)? As you can read in the contract’s Terms and Conditions, this Unconstitutional agreement gives up rights to New Hampshire sovereignty and create a binding contract.

Have a look:

Use special attention in the image above when reading term #3 of this ‘covid relief’ grant contract:
“assist the United States Government in the implementation and enforcement of federal orders related to quarantine and isolation.”

What does that mean?

  • That means if the Federal Government says that you need to take a vaccine (or a booster, or ten) or go to quarantine camps, the New Hampshire State Government agrees to enforce it, without your consent.
  • That means if the Federal Government says you can’t go to a grocery store without a vaccine, test or other authoritative measure, the New Hampshire State Government agrees to enforce it, without your consent.
  • That means that New Hampshire does what the Federal Government says, no matter what you think, or the people thinks, or the legislature thinks..

Laying a heavy load on you here, but this is only one example of contracts that violate your rights and pose multiple risks to your personal freedoms. There are many more contracts like these being passed in New Hampshire, all which have their own Terms and Conditions.

The big point I’m trying to show you here, is that those contracts are being drawn, signed and agreed upon by the Governor, his council and the agents of the Federal Government 1) without your consent and 2) against your New Hampshire Constitutional rights.

Now what?