BELOW IS A SCREENSHOT FROM THE WORLD GOVERNMENT SUMMIT posted two weeks ago where they ask “Are We Ready for a New World Order?”

This is the SAME World Government Summit. Where Chris Sununu and Dean Kamen met up to attend an event paid for by the Prince of Dubai where they discussed Agenda 2030, Fourth Industrial Revolution, Smart Cities and Globalization.

The World Government Summit’s main ‘Strategic Collaborators‘ ARE:

– United Nations
– International Monetary Fund
– World Health Organization
– World Bank
– and World Economic Forum

Sununu Kamen World Government Summit NWO
“Gov. Chris Sununu stands with U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry, New Hampshire inventor Dean Kamen and Jamil Al Dandany, an executive at Saudi Aramco, a Saudi Arabia-based oil company in a photo taken during the World Government Summit in February and posted on the energy secretary’s Twitter account. Sununu’s $9,000 trip to Dubai was paid for by the summit”

Info on Sununu & Kamen’s trip including the official document of complete list meetings that day and invoice signed by Sununu:

“World Economic Forum and UN Sign Strategic Partnership Framework” focused on financing the 2030 agenda

Governor Chris Sununu’s brother John sat as chair of the Financial Governance Working Group of the World Economic Forum.

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