IBM CEO Thomas Watson meets with Hitler in Berlin June 1937
IBM CEO Thomas J. Watson meets with Hitler in Berlin, June 1937, just before receiving medal for “service to the Reich”; image via Jewish Virtual Library

The first thing Hitler wanted to know was exactly how many Jews resided in Germany. IBM hired thousands to execute a door-to-door racial census. Once Hitler had the names and locations of Germany’s Jews, IBM created systems to tabulate that data against professional and employment databases as well as financial institutions to help Germany systematically pauperize them. Location data was then used to organize the mass transfer of Jews from their homes into ghettos. Ghetto residents were then systematically forced onto trains to the camps.

Those trains ran on IBM punch cards, and owed their punctual timetables to special IBM scheduling programs. All the work and prisoner data from all the concentration camps was fed into a central nerve center in the T-Building at Oranienburg known as Section D-II and powered by custom-wired IBM machines. Everything IBM did was custom, specific, and tailored to the Nazis’ specific needs.

ibm punch cards
IBM’s Holocaust Punch Cards

Not only did IBM play a major role in the Holocaust, it also became part of IG Farben, the financial part of the Nazi regime.

Thanks to the relationship Bill Gates’ mother Mary Maxwell Gates had with the CEO of IBM, Microsoft flourished and became successful.

Bill Gates working with IBM

Bill Gates is directly related to the Decade of Vaccines and New Hampshire’s ARMI. ARMI has Jim Weinstein sitting on the stakeholders and board of directors as the Senior Vice President of Microsoft Healthcare. He was the recent CEO & President of Dartmouth in New Hampshire.

ARMI Stakeholder Council

Not only Governor Chris Sununu help Dean Kamen connect ARMI with the Department of Defense to funnel University System of New Hampshire graduates into government contracts that are being used against Citizens of this State, but Bill Gates is listed as a Strategic Partner of the World Economic Forum, a Strategic Collaborator of Moderna (Moderna is partnered with Lonza), and Gates is also listed as a Global Partner of the CDC Global Immunization Division, an organization Sununu sold New Hampshire out to in December of 2019.

CDC Partners with Bill gates

Governor Chris Sununu’s brother John Sununu sat as Chair of the Financial Governance Working Group for the World Economic Forum. Anthony Fauci’s intern Dr. Deborah Birx has a brother (Donald Birx) who is the president of NH Plymouth State University and sits on the Board of Trustees with NH Governor Chris Sununu at the University system of New Hampshire [see page 51].

2017 Annual Report- University System of New Hampshire

It’s a Small World After All..

Check out the Map #86 to see the Holocaust and it’s connections.