Are you ready to give up your beloved daily driver to Agenda 2030?

That’s just what they are talking about in this clip from earlier this week. Have a look:

Video Link:

If you fill up your tank with gas, you may find your options fizzling out soon and being forced into buying a new vehicle under the Biden plan… or face harsh penalties… and that’s not necessarily where these restrictions might end. According to reporting above, we could be headed toward the complete end of personal vehicle ownership as we know it..

..But as for now, if you choose to continue to fill up at the tank, you will soon be faced with a new carbon tax for all of that traveling.. to incentivize you and give you a ‘personal choice’ in getting rid of your daily driver. This law was passed on November 5, 2021 with the recent national Infrastructure bill.

( That infrastructure bill was a whopping 2,740 pages long.  You can read it all here. )

This new infrastructure law parallels the United Nations ‘Agenda 2030,’ which was publicized as a World Economic Forum / United Nations partnership.

A screenshot from their announcement below:

WEF Partners with UN

The Agenda 2030 partnership between the World Economic Forum and United Nations focuses on several topics, from funding to climate change and more.


Here’s another angle in how ‘climate change’ and Agenda 2030 are being worked through the White House:

USA White House April 2021:
“As part of re-entering the Paris Agreement, the Biden Administration launched a whole-of-government process, organized through his National Climate Task Force, to establish this new 2030 emissions target – known as the “nationally determined contribution” or “NDC,” a formal submission to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).” [Alt Link]

It all sounds good in theory.. reduce carbon, save the Earth, right? That is until you have to give up your personal freedoms, while having everything tracked, monitored and then stripped from you under the guise of ‘New Normal…’

great reset great narrative biden schwab

If you still think this ‘New Normal’ is about ‘climate change’ or a ‘virus,’ I urge you to do some research on Klaus Schwab and the Great Reset, where they clearly illustrate how “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy”.

Here’s a video from Schwab’s World Economic Forum talking all about it:

By the way, you can’t post the above video on Facebook. Crazy, right?

Speaking of crazy, you can check out Klaus Schwab’s book, ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution,’ and learn much more about the plans he and his buddies have for you.

(He wrote a book about the Great Reset too.)

Clearly we are just getting started on this journey of handing over everything we've worked for our entire lives. The freedom we've lost over the last two years- to come and go as we please and lead a fearless life loving the people around us- leaps bounds over the grief we'll carry over the loss of our personal vehicles, but it is an escalating loss. Little by little, we are losing more and more of what we know as what it means to be American.

The fact that most people either have no clue, don’t care or simply don’t know what to do about it is damning in itself.

If you don’t know what to do about it, you can continue helping others see the truth, and grow power in numbers.

Your freedom is more important than anything. Don’t ever give up!

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