What do Nikki Haley and Klaus Scwab have in common?

The answer, is A LOT.

Nikki Haley, born Nimrata Nikki Randhawa Haley [alt link], has been wrapped up with Klaus Schwab and other globalist creeps for a very long time.

Not only was Nikki Haley named UN Ambassador to the United Nations from 2017-2018 (and we all know that the UN and it’s 17 sustainable goals of Agenda 2030 is partnered with the World Government Summit, which is strategically partnered with Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum), but Nikki Haley was also a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum in 2011.

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley is sidestepping questions from voters and reporters about her participation the in World Economic Forum saying she did not take part in any World Economic Forum training programs. A Nikki Haley campaign spokesman declined to address her time as a Young Global Leader [alt link], but the former South Carolina governor herself promoted her participation in World Economic Forum “seminars” when she attended the 2007 conference [alt link] hosted in Dalian, China.

Nikki listed in the 2011 WEF Young Global Leaders (page 6):

Haley traveled to China to the World Economic Forum meeting with dozens of globalist China business leaders who were looking to expand their operations in North America. She also attended seminars on workforce development, technology infrastructure, globalization and investment psychology. Sound familiar?

Haley was asked about the World Economic Forum again in 2010 during her gubernatorial campaign, with her aides telling [alt link] reporters she “was proud of the policy and economic development lessons and information gained by the trip to China.” We bet you are Nikki.

Could Nikki Haley being wrapped up in the global World Economic Forum one world government agenda be why globalist Governor Chris Sununu has been adament about endorsing Nikki Haley for President? Afterall, Sununu did travel to the World Government Summit in February of 2019 with globalist Dean Kamen, paid for by the Price of Dubai, meeting on Smart Cities, Agenda 2030, Fourth Industrial Revolution, Global Governance and more. See for yourself.

Sununu Kamen World Government Summit NWO

Adding salt to the would, Governor Chris Sununu’s brother John E. Sununu was the chair of the Financial Governance Working Group for the World Economic Forum.

They all sound like peas in a global corrupt pod, destined to destroy our Country and our Constitution by infiltrating the cabinets, as Klaus Schwab has proclaimed. Schwab says, this is how they win.

After Nikki Haley traveled to China for the 2007 World Economic Forum, chaired by German globalist and founder Klaus Schwab, with then-Gov. Mark Sanford, two other South Carolina lawmakers, and business leaders, Haley described [alt link] the confab as “a rare opportunity for us to expand economic development prospects here in Lexington County and across our state.”

Show of hands- Who trusts Klaus Schwab to expand economic development prospects ANYWHERE in the United States of America? I can tell you right now. This is a problem.

Don’t be fooled. There’s more on Nikki Haley.

Like her direct conflict of interest with using public money to advance her political career, and much more.

There’s more to come as I sort through all of the undeniable evidence on these treasonous traitors, but for now, I hope you are convinced that Nikki Haley is nothing more than a global poser and sidecar show of Klaus Schwab and his globalist cronies, because that’s what it certainly looks like to me.

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