Nikki Haley and Boeing's conflict of interest

(repost from the Wall Street Journal)

Nikki Haley frequently questions the use of public money to help corporations as she campaigns for the Republican presidential nomination, but her tone was significantly different when it came to interests in South Carolina.

As a state legislator and candidate for governor, Ms. Haley supported a 2009 economic development package for Boeing Co. valued at as much as $900 million that helped land the company’s 787 Dreamliner production facility in this city. A few years later, as governor, she signed into law an additional $120 million for the aerospace company as part of an expansion.

After accepting a seat on Boeing’s board of directors following her time in the Trump administration, she became an opponent of the company’s potential request for government assistance as the possibility of her 2024 presidential bid loomed, abruptly quitting the board and publicly criticizing the idea of government aid.

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