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Bill Gates Innovating to Zero
Start video at 4:00 “If we do a really good job at new vaccines, healthcare, reproductive services… we can lower that by 10 or 15 percent”- (talking about population)
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and WEF's Klaus Schwab
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau echoes Joe Biden's Build Back Better, the United Nations Agenda 2030 and Klaus Schwab's Great Reset. Watch this 29 second clip.
County of Ventura on removing people from their homes
County of Ventura talks about removing people from their homes 'if they live in a home where there's only 1 bathroom and there are 3 other people living there who do not have covid, we're not going to be able to keep them there' Also discusses HR 6666 Trace Act that allows them to come to your house & use that to pull your children or other family members away from your home and quarantine 'for their protection'.
Ghislaine Maxwell Sisters
Did Ghislaine’s Sisters Backdoor the FBI, NSA, + more?”, details the behavior and likely influence of the Maxwell family on the United States’ security apparatus immediately before 9-11, with very interesting implications.
Event 201 Pandemic Exercise
Nazi Social engineering plan on TV, written in phases that run parallel to Rockefeller's lockstep report
George Bush Announces NWO
George Bush Sr. announces the New World Order live on TV
Ghislaine Maxwell Famliy's Government Security Software & 9/11
'Amazing Polly' discusses the 9/11 United States HP national survelance servers & government security software Chiliad developed by Ghislaine Maxwell's family
Internet of Bodies / Internet of Things
Internet of Bodies (IoB) "We’re entering the ...
Issac Kappy (murdered)
Issac talks about Seth Green admitting he was into pedophilia, how Tom hanks is a pedophile, Marina Abromovich, John Podesta face of pizza gates & ties to Clintons & Obama, Steven Spielberg is a pedophile, Corey Fieldman planning to reveal hollywood secrets, Dan Schneider, Oprah, Hanks, Weinstein, Dave Chappell, Kanye calling out facebook & google, Issac talking about knighted Jimmy Savvo raped & murdered hundreds of children, how the media is brainwashing people, discusses MK Ultra & more
John D Rockefeller seizing US media & hijacking US medicine & AMA
John D Rockefeller seizing US media & hijacking US medicine & AMA
WEF leader and author of “Covid-19 and the Great Reset”, Klaus Schwab, about their Young Leaders program, which includes Canadian PM Justin Trudeau. Schwab: “We penetrate the cabinets. So, yesterday I was at a reception for PM Trudeau and I know that half of his cabinet or more than half of his cabinet are our young leaders of the World Economic Forum.”
davos genetic editing
Listen to Professor Yuval Harari discuss the future of humanity and how it relates to gene editing at the 2018 Davos / WEF Meeting
Nadia Marcinko's Aviloop Business
Nadia Marcinko launches a business under addresses connected to Dean Kamen & Maureen Toohey in New Hampshire to market provacative young girls dressed as flight attendants, enticing viewers to 'see more girls like them.'
No Virus Isolate
CDC, WHO, page 39 of CDC report states there are no measurable amount of the virus. They’re saying it’s unavailable. No isolated virus is available. No one has an isolated specimen. ‘Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available, assays designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA)
krisanne noncompliant
KRISANNE HALL is a Constitutional Attorney in Florida. She will expand your knowledge and understanding of what it means to say "WE THE PEOPLE" and to be PEACEFULLY NONCOMPLIANT.
Out of Shadows
An exposé on how Hollywood and the mainstream media manipulate the multitudes by spreading propaganda throughout their content.
Sharyl Talks 2
Discussion of standing up against the Military Industrial Complex, the government & the press
Sheryl Talks
Attkisson talks about political corporate & other special interests disguising themselves to try and fool you into thinking an independent or grass roots movement is speaking
Skipped Animal Trials
State Committee on State Affairs in Texas ...
Spars 2025 - 2028
  Download the John Hopkins Spars 2025 - ...
World Economic Forum & The Great Reset
Klaus Schwab wants to know, "Are you ready ...