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Learn About Agenda 2030

The United Nations promotes a main goal of achieving ’17 Sustainable Goals’ (by 2030), which may seem great in essence, but it includes dismantling the social and financial systems we’ve known for decades, removing personal freedoms and instilling a ‘One World Government,’ which you will understand clearly if you take the time to learn about ‘The Great Reset’ promoted by Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum.


This agenda has been set in motion in a top down political regime. It was set in motion upon the activation of the Covid-19 ‘pandemic.’

(David Rockefeller, Statement to the United Nations Business Council, September 23, 1994.)

The research in this site, Grazing the Surface, only grazes the surface of Agenda 2030, but hopefully it will help give you a foundational understanding of what we are going through right now. This site is set up to become a growing database of information for you to use as one of your tools to help you grow the movement of uncovering the truth.

There are major players highlighted throughout this site. You will hear their names over and over.. Bill Gates, Ghislaine Maxwell, Anthony Fauci, Charles Lieber, Dean Kamen… Then there are organizations you’ll hear over and over.. World Bank, Rockefeller Foundation, World Economic Forum, UNICEF, WHO, CDC, etc.. To get a clear picture of many of the individuals and entities discussed in this site, you can have a look at the Map of Connections; however as this site grows, you’ll find a lot more names investigated in areas of the site like in these blog posts.

In the video below, you’ll learn a lot about the Great Reset and understand the methodology the parasite class is using to launch us into their ‘New World’ order.”

Broken down, Agenda 2030 is a control and tracking system. These aristocrats are setting up the system that will control everything. The land, the air, the food, the animals, the plants, the food production, the data, everything. Including humans. Covid-19 was part of the Great Reset plan to destroy the global financial and social systems, so new ones could be instilled.

This global agenda is being rolled out all the way down to the local level. You’ll see that through my research, which began at Event 201 and led my interests back to the local New Hampshire Government, which has been unlawfully set up to implement federal systems at the local level.

See how your NH Constitution Rights were Violated & How Bogus Laws Were Implemented Here

People like Klaus Schwab aren’t even hiding it. His ‘Great Reset’ talks about how ‘You will Own Nothing, and You Will Be Happy.’ He even wrote a book on the Great Reset. (You can find a digital copy of this book and other important archives in the Documents section of this website.)

All of this demand the answer to one very important question- If we don’t own anything, who does? Who exactly IS going to be in control of it all?

When we get right down to it.. who are these people? They are not our elected leaders. They do not create law.

Overview on New Hampshire & Agenda 2030


Dr. Deborah Birx was Anthony Fauci’s Intern (and sat on the White House Coronavirus Taskforce with Fauci). Her brother Donald Birx sits on the University System of New Hampshire with Governor Sununu and Mark Huddleson, president of UNH.

Dr Deborah Birx was Anthony Fauci's NIH intern

Together they were able to successfully connect the University System of New Hampshire to Dean Kamen’s ARMI organization so that it could funnel University System of New Hampshire students into government contracts like those with Lonza which was set to manufacture a billion vaccines a year in Portsmouth [Alt Link].

Meanwhile, Sununu hailied that NH ‘may not return to normal’ until they were successful.


Sitting on the ARMI board is Jim Weinstein- who is now Senior Vice President of Microsoft Healthcare. Weinstein also happens to be recent CEO and president of Dartmouth-Hitchcock, which was identified from the media as ‘ground zero of coronavirus‘ in New Hampshire.

Here is a screenshot of the ARMI stakeholder board from several months ago which included Johnson & Johnson as part of ARMI’s original Leadership Advisory Council.

Johnson & Johnson cooberated with Jim Weinstein, the Senior Vice President of Microsoft Healthcare and Director / Stakeholder in ARMI. ARMI fuels Lonza, a Portsmouth, NH vaccine manufacturing company.

ARMI Stakeholder Council

It gets better…

Lonza is partnered with Moderna and has Bill Gates listed as ‘Strategic Collaborator‘ via BMGF.

Lonza is partnered with Moderna and has Bill Gates listed as ‘Strategic Collaborator‘ via the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Crazy right?

Granite Staters, Did You Know?

  • Did you know that NH Governor Sununu attended the World Government Summit paid for by the Prince of Dubai with Dean Kamen in 2019 where they discussed One World Government without your consent?
  • Did you know that the same World Government Summit has the World Economic Forum as Strategic Partner and is World Economic Forum is partnered with the United Nation’s Agenda 2030?
  • Did you know that NH Governor Sununu’s brother John E. Sununu sat as Chair of Financial Governance Working Group of the World Economic Forum?
  • Did you know that NH Governor Chris Sununu sold-out the University System of New Hampshire to the Department of Defense so that they could funnel graduates into Dean Kamen’s ARMI organization to fill Pharma companies like Lonza which is partnered with Bill Gates?
  • Did you know that December of 2019, right before this ‘pandemic’, Sununu sold out New Hampshire as the last state to connect to the National IIS selling medical information to a national tracking vaccine database of 1.3 million people against their will and consent?- Did you know that in this meeting, he pushed to accept more CDC money which lists Bill Gates as a global immunization partner?
  • Did you know that ground zero for ‘covid’ was at Dartmouth-Hitchcock and claimed to be a medical provider of Dartmouth-Hitchcock?- And that the recent CEO and President of Dartmouth-Hitchcock is now Vice President of Microsoft Healthcare and sits on Dean Kamen’s ARMI board funneling University of System New Hampshire graduates into government contracts?
  • Did you know that NH Governor Sununu’s brother John E Sununu is the director of Boston Scientific? And Boston Scientific also sits on Dean Kamen’s ARMI board?
  • Did you know that during his Presidency (2009-2017), Obama facilitated the Gain of Function Research which was overseen by Anthony Fauci where they were able to make a coronavirus jump from bats to humans just “in case” to be prepared for a possible biological attack?

    – The ‘Gain of Function Research’ lead by NIH & Anthony Fauci, under President Obama’s direction lead to the development covid-19. ​[link 1 / Alt Link] [link 2] [link 3]

    – This Gain of Function Research was halted (temporarily)

    – The Obama Administration Ended the Block On ‘Gain Of Function Research’ right before his transfer of power to President Trump.
  • Did you know that Government and health care officials across the nation say they were “FORCED TO BYPASS REGULATIONS” to make deals with suppliers overseas? This particular deal was facilitated by NH Governor Sununu and NH Senator Jeanne Shaheen, unlawfully authorized Dean Kamen to sell millions of products from China to New Hampshire, delivered in early 2020, when the country was still trying to figure out what was going on with this ‘virus’ that implicated China?
CDC is partners with Bill Gates
CDC lists Bill Gates as a Global Immunization Partner via the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF)

Most Citizens of New Hampshire would never suspect their elected officials and hand picked State Government would be working against them. That’s why this makes a perfect brewing storm in handing New Hampshire (and all other States) over to the World Economic Forum and their Great Reset- which facilitates the United Nation’s Agenda 2030.

(Click here to see the Agenda 2030 partnership between World Economic Forum & United Nations)

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This web site is being set up as a growing database of information. Please use it as a resource and feel free to copy and paste anything from this site to anywhere you like. Together, we can help empower others and move toward a growing solution.