You now know that Sununu attended the World Government Summit paid for by the Prince of Dubai with Dean Kamen in 2019 where they discussed One World Government without your consent..

  • Did you know that Governor Chris Sununu’s brother, John Sununu was was chair of the Financial Governance Working Group for the World Economic Forum?
  • Do you realize that Sununu sold-out the University System of New Hampshire to the Department of Defense so that they could funnel graduates into Dean Kamen’s ARMI organization to fill Pharma companies like Lonza which is partnered with Bill Gates?
  • Do you realize that December 18, 2019, right before this ‘pandemic’, Sununu and his cronies sold out New Hampshire as the last state to finalize their connection to the National IIS selling medical information to a national tracking vaccine database of 1.3 million people against their will and consent? (New Hampshire adopted IIS in 2016, but DHHS spent the money incorrectly and pushed through more money in December 2019 to finalize implementing the system.)
  • Did you know that same meeting, DHHS pushed to accept more CDC money for this reason, the same CDC which lists Bill Gates as a global immunization partner?
  • And that the recent CEO and President of Dartmouth-Hitchcock is now Senior Vice President of Microsoft Healthcare and sits on Dean Kamen’s ARMI board funneling University of System New Hampshire graduates into government contracts?

Do you think Sununu is pushing an agenda?