Bill Gates & the CDC are in bed with DHHS

Maybe you already knew, but CDC is a subsidiary of United States Department of Health and Human Services:

cdc dhhs agency
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But did you know that they receive funding by people like Bill Gates and Mike Bloomberg?

CDC Foundation funds the CDC
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And that Bill Gates listed as a global partner?

CDC is partners with Bill Gates
Bill Gates listed as Global Partner of the CDC Immunization Division.

Did you also know that the CDC is ia in part funded by private interests and through the Congress who established the CDC Foundation?

And that the CDC Foundation Board of Directors includes 4 people connected to Kaiser; 1 member connected to GMM (a political communications and advertising firm); 1 member from Turner Broadcasting / CNN; and Kristen Silverberg, who served in the George W. Bush Administration and recognized by the World Economic Forum?

cdc foundation bush kristen

Kristen Silverberg, who served in the George W. Bush Administration. was also recognized by the World Economic Forum as a “Young Global Leader.”

Silverberg was previously Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs (head of the Bureau of International Organization Affairs that creates and executes policy in the United Nations) from 2005-2008 Source

Here’s another Board member of the CDC Foundation-

Raymond J. Baxter, PhD
-served terms on the Global Agenda Council on Health of the World Economic Forum,
-established Kaiser’s Center for Effectiveness and Safety Research and built out its national genomics research bank,
-Served as President of Kaiser International,
-was a founding sponsor of the Kaiser School of Medicine.

Here is a list of all the board members of the CDC Foundation. Each one has their own profile. Have a look and see who is working ‘for your safety.’

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