Even if you still trust the CDC (and you should reconsider, because they are a FOR PROFIT organization that hides under a non-profit umbrella and hold DOZENS of patents),

HAVE. A. LOOK. at the organizations teaming up on delegating vaccine deployment

from this .pdf you can download: https://www.who.int/…/WHO-2019-nCoV-Vaccine_deployment…

Page 6 lists the following Crooked organizations partnered and in charge–
UNICEF (Bill Gates), – GAVI (Bill Gates), – WHO (Bill Gates), – B&MGF (Bill Gates), – Clinton Health Initiative (Epstein’s Buddies), – United Nations (Bill Gates & Pals), – World Bank (Rockefeller)

The document is by the WHO and called “Guidance on developing a national deployment and vaccination plan for COVID-19 vaccines”

WHY ON EARTH does it make sense for ANYONE to follow these initiatives?

WHO is the organization that is being promoted by Biden, and promoted by Darpa’s Facebook. What kind of mass scale social engineering is going on here? And why is Bill Gates & pals in charge of what (and how) is getting injected into your body? Not only is Bill Gates listed as Strategic Collaborator on the Moderna vaccine, but he is in charge of vaccine market deployment?

He also facilitated an event that listed Johnson & Johnson as one of the key players in which they launched a ‘pandemic simulation’ weeks before Covid surfaced publicly. The event was called Event 201.

And the Government Funded Johnson & Johnson. Remember? In fact, they funded them again:


And the NIH assumed Moderna, with Fauci.

Speaking of Fauci, Bill Gates & Anthony Fauci sat on a board together called the ‘Decade of Vaccines‘ with others from WHO, NIAID, UNICEF, Bill Gates Foundation, GAVI & CDC. This board started in 2010.

(this page has since been removed from the WHO website. See a PDF print archive here)

A decade of vaccines would leave us to 2020, which is exactly when they confirmed the first US Coronavirus case on 1/21/2020. ‘

Nothing. fishy. at all..

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