Map #92: Fauci Family Conflicts of Interest

While Anthony Fauci’s sat as director of the NIAID (a division of the NIH), his wife Christine Grady sat as the director of the Bioethics department of the NIH, rubber stamping investigative experiments as ethical. [Alt Link]

Christine Grady, MSN, Ph.D., was Fauci’s colleague at the National Institute of Health, serving as chief of bioethics and head of human subjects research at the NIH Clinical Center.  According to the Center’s website [Alt Link], Grady’s contributions include “primarily in the ethics of clinical research, including informed consent, vulnerability, study design, recruitment, and international research ethics, as well as ethical issues faced by nurses and other health care providers.”

Let us not forget that Anthony Fauci caught heat for funding [Alt Link] gain-of-function research at Wuhan Institute of Virology and covering it up. 

More on the gain-of-function research, including actual grant records here:

Honestly, it’s difficult to know where Anthony Fauci ends and Christine Grady begins. Here’s how Anthony Fauci described Grady’s influence on his public policy decisions (video frame time- 37m25s):

I’ve benefited greatly from this partnership of overlapping interest and common interest. So, a lot of the things that I do with regard to the development of vaccines, the development of therapies, being involved with outbreaks and pandemics, have ethical overtones to them. I can say that I am very blessed to be living with someone who is very likely, most people think, one of the most outstanding ethicists in the world. To have her in the house — you know, as a consultant on ethical issues—is pretty advantageous.

The Faucis lived a conflict of interest at the breakfast table, the office, and back home around the dinner table. Interestingly enough, the NIH has never acknowledged this.

.. And speaking of human subjects research, you might want to learn more about the patents Fauci has on certain NIH projects which he stands to financially profit from:



Separate from patent royalties though- while millions of Americans suffered under his pandemic policies, Fauci’s personal profits soared- including a reported 5 million dollar jump in household net profits: [Alt Link]